The Marvelous Mandy Brocklehurst (brocklememandy) wrote,
The Marvelous Mandy Brocklehurst

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A new one just begun...

It's school again. I don't really know how I feel about it. 

It was very nice to see all of my family again, even if Gavin does still insist on stealing my wand at any given opportunity. It's more than a little bit irritating to have it turn up on my pillow with Merlin-knows-what kind of sticky, gooey substance on it. My mother wouldn't let me touch it until she had disinfected it, though. What larks.

NEWTs are coming up faster and faster, but I'm still not worried about them yet. I think I'm getting complacent. It's nice. I need to snap out of it.

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