The Secret Life of Mees

The Marvelous Mandy Brocklehurst
18 April


Ravenclaw means knowing that the voice of intelligence is silenced by ignorance

The Basics

Name: Mandy Brocklehurst
PB: Kristen Bell
House: Ravenclaw
Birth date: April 18, 1980
Bloodline: Half-blood
Possessions Always on This Person: Wand, notebook, quill
First Impression: A quiet, intense person, almost to the point of being intimidating
Quirks/Habits: When focusing intensely on something, sometimes Mandy forgets to blink. She also randomly crosses her eyes because it helps her vision.
Likes: Books, history, poetry
Dislikes: Drugs, alcohol, partying, people that don't know when to shut up, general teenage stupidity.
Quidditch: When it comes to the leagues Mandy doesn't favor one team over another, but she does enjoy playing, on occasion.
Favourite Classes: History of Magic, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes
Friends: Mandy tends to treat everyone the same way, but she does generally like the Ravenclaws better. Her closest friends are Lisa Turpin, Megan Jones, Demelza Robins, Terry Boot, and Michael Corner.
Status: Single, and likely destined to be an old spinster with lots of cats.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Appreciates: History, literature, intelligence, and common sense
Frowns upon: Idiocy in general, prejudices (except her own, of course)
Past Relationships: None. She is admittedly a prude.
Zodiac Sign: Aries (but only just)
Ambitions: Research for the Ministry of Magic (hopefully something to do with history) and then a teaching position. Owning a country manor.
Fears: Ending up with the same life as her parents, someone else getting credit for her work, not being able to understand something, rejection in general.

Ravenclaw means I'm smarter than you.


Ravenclaw Aries
These Ravenclaws will have lightning-fast mental reflexes. Aries is an intellectual sign, but it is also an impatient sign; Ravenclaws who were born under this sign are likely to tolerate no dull wits or stupidity, whether they see this lack of mental competence in themselves (in which case they will berate themselves for not understanding, or give up quickly in frustration without really trying to overcome their difficulty in learning) or in others (in which case they will lash out at the offender with acidic comments and haughty, cutting looks). These Ravenclaws will want to be at the head of the class, dominating other students in their chosen intellectual field, and may be almost as competitive as Slytherins. However, the true aim of every Ravenclaw is knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge. While a Slytherin might see losing a magical duel or being bested by another student in a DADA class as humiliating, the Ravenclaw will probably just take delight in competition for its own sake, and see defeat as a learning experience.

Ravenclaw is love.

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The Disclaimer: I'm not Mandy Brocklehurst, Kristin Bell, or even Veronica Mars (but sometimes I wish I looked like that). This is a role-play journal being used for thedarkertruth. I also play millanmac there. My actual LJ is toastedlembas. Obviously, I own nothing related to Harry Potter or Veronica Mars. If I did, I would be rich, and my account would be Paid instead of Plus.

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